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Streamlined Compliance Process Results in Improved Efficiency and Reporting

With the increasing levels of compliance regulations and required audits, both internal and external, keeping track of necessary documents is more important than ever.  A well thought out Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system can help to facilitate audits and other compliance requirements.

ECM refers to the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

A great example of ECM for compliance can be found at the Kentucky Approving Agency for Veterans Education (KAAVE).  KAAVE has a mission to afford veterans and other eligible persons the opportunity to improve their quality of life and employability through the use of quality education and training programs approved for use with their GI Bill Education Benefits.

KAAVE grew out of the GI Bill of Rights and is responsible for determining what programs may be approved for the use of VA education benefits.  KAAVE, in coordination with Kentucky Community and Technical College, play a vital role in the economic future of Kentucky by providing services to develop high-skilled workers for today’s fast-paced and globally competitive workplace.

Compliance Requirements

To accomplish their mission, this State Approving Agency (SAA) is obliged to track and maintain accreditation information from all veteran training programs as a requirement to obtain federally based funding.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires that an annual compliance survey be completed by the 80 participating training organizations in Kentucky.  This audit process had been very paper intensive and required multiple training site visits and interviews with veteran participants.  These compliance audits usually span several months to completion and the agency is required to report on their progress on a quarterly basis.   KAAVE had a goal to streamline the overall process by reducing the amount of paper and to improve efficiency in the quarterly reporting requirements.

A Streamlined Solution

KAAVE selected OnBase Unity Briefcase as a solution to automate the annual compliance process and provide document management capabilities to the mobile SAA Consultants responsible for conducting the audits.  The portable solution allows access to documents needed by the SAA consultants when performing off-site audits.  The consultants are now able to retrieve, create, and update the most current versions of compliance documents and forms without network access, then simply sync offline content back into OnBase when connectivity resumes.

In addition to improving SAA consultant audit quality and efficiency, the solution provided additional management and reporting capabilities.  The prior reporting process was handled quarterly through manual updates to Excel spreadsheets.  Today, compliance documentation and audit activities are updated daily, resulting in a huge time savings in delivering the VA required reports.

A Bridge to Better Business

This compliance audit process is just one example of many manual document-driven business processes in organizations today.  Through innovation, experience and technology, similar processes can be improved to result in operational efficiency and lowered cost and compliance risk.  For more information on ECM for compliance, contact us at

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