Business Process

Improve Your Business Processes for Growth and Profitability

VeBridge Business ProcessBusiness process is what your organization does each day to succeed. Creating new products and services, hiring great people, taking orders, delighting customers, getting paid, and paying others all require smooth and efficient transferring of information across bridges between people, process and technology.

Economists have noted that worker productivity gains have slowed dramatically in the past few years compared to prior eras when “low-hanging fruit” improvements were made through initial technology investments. Read the Pain to Profit white paper.

VeBridge provides a comprehensive solution approach to improving business processes in organizations, including:

  • Analysis and assessment
  • Solution design and scoping
  • Software and solution development and testing
  • Solution implementation
  • End-user and management training

Today, it’s even more critical to look deeper to see where the productivity pains are. What leads to poor productivity in our workplaces? Inefficient, antiquated technologies and poorly designed business processes are an enormous productivity drain and represent the primary culprits.

Key process improvement areas with a direct impact on an organization’s profitability include:

  • Financial impact areas including process optimization in procure to pay, order to cash and financial close to reporting
  • Customer/revenue impact areas including improved prospect-to-customer close rate, request for services optimization and efficiency
  • Operational costs including improved product-to-marketing timing, improvements in products or services and audit/risk reduction
  • Agility including improved time to market and increased adaptability to market change

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