See OnBase in Action

Discover how OnBase helps your organization take charge of its critical business information

Is your organization struggling with too much paper? Losing track of critical documents in multiple programs? Is the specter of compliance keeping you up at night? Losing control of your information can put your organization at risk. But you can take control with a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

Hyland Software’s ECM solution, OnBase, captures your content – from paper documents to electronic information – from file shares, various business applications, emails and more. It then categorizes that information by type, with little to no human interaction, and secures that information until access is granted to staff and decision makers.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To find out more – and get a glimpse of OnBase in action – check out our short informational demo by filling out the form on the left. Discover how OnBase can free you from the burden of too much paper, let you access your information from any of your business programs, and make your business processes flow at the speed of light.