Line of Business Software Integration Assessment

Increase the ROI of Line of Business Applications with ECM

Bridge the gap between “systems of record” and “systems of engagement”

VeBridge Line of Business Software IntegrationLine of Business (LOB) System integration is the ability to connect to data wherever it resides and leverage that data to drive productivity and efficient decision making throughout the organization. This connection to structured or transactional data in back-end systems will result in getting the maximum business value from your enterprise content management (ECM) or Business Process Improvement initiative and bridge the gap between “systems of record” and “systems of engagement.”

Line of Business applications are usually implemented to address a specific business need. By integrating LOB systems with ECM solutions, users can have access to the data from within the ECM system. This eliminates the need for duplicate user interfaces, security credentials and workflows.

Would LOB integration help your organization?

  • Does your organization have multiple back end content systems (i.e. CRM, ERP, HR), each with their own unique interface, sign-on, and work flow?
  • Are any of your back-end content systems integrated to allow seamless passing of data between disparate systems?
  • Does your organization have integrated search to allow users to search for content from one interface into multiple systems?
  • Are content, taxonomies and meta-data synchronized across all of your enterprise systems?
  • Do you maintain separate end user licenses for access to each back end content system?
  • What percentage of knowledge workers have fully adopted ideal usage of back end systems?
  • Does your data capture and/or entry processes naturally fit within normal day-to-day end-user workflows?
  • Can knowledge workers easily access important data from backend systems via their normal productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and a web browser?

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