Human Resource & Employees

Build a Best in Class Human Resource and Onboarding Process

How well your human resource department deals with numerous business process and enterprise content management issues can have a direct effect on your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent, which of course impacts your firm’s competitiveness.

In best in class companies, 91% of first year employees were retained, compared to an industry average of 29%. Best in class onboarding is a combination of people, process and technology with three major components: Forms Management, Task Management and Socialization into the Company’s Culture (Onboarding 2013- A New Look at Hires- Aberdeen Group).

Onboarding automation eliminates the administrative cost of onboarding by 25% and reduces the number of steps in the onboarding process by 60%. (Source: Aberdeen Group)


Business/Process Capability

  • Is your onboarding process centralized within your organization (i.e. policies and processes are consistent in all geographic locations?)
  • Does your organization have clear accountability to all stakeholders to ensure that new employees are set up and productive on day one?
  • Are all onboarding policies, procedures and documents centrally stored and managed from one location?
  • Does you onboarding process include employee training programs for new hires?
  • Do you have a measurement system in place to evaluate the effectiveness of onboarding?

VeBridge HR and Employee SolutionsTechnology Capability

  • Do you have a “new hire” portal for information specific to new employees?
  • Is your onboarding process automated with workflow task assignment to all involved stakeholders?
  • Do you have any type of automated assessment process to gauge new employee job satisfaction?
  • Do you have automated provisioning of new hire information to assure access to all job related enterprise applications?


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