Enterprise Content Management Assessment

Is Your Organization Primed to Benefit from Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management is a set of tools and methods that allow an organization to obtain, organize, store and deliver paper-based and digital information more efficiently and securely.

VeBridge Enterprise Content Management AssessmentBut are these tools and methods maximized for the most business value in your organization?

  • Does your ECM make multiple types of content available to knowledge workers, such as scanned images, work-in-process documents and unstructured content such as internal social media posts?
  • What percentage of documents critical to your daily business processes are available to end users via an ECM system?
  • Is your current ECM available to external partners and customers through secure connections?
  • Can the content in your ECM system be easily accessed by the users who need both inside and outside the firewall?
  • What percentage of knowledge workers are using your current ECM system?
  • Does your ECM system enhance business process by enabling intelligent work routing based on real-time events or business rules?
  • Is your ECM system accessible via mobile devices?
  • How well does your ECM system allow for communication and collaboration around a business process (e.g., commenting on a document as part of a process)?
  • Does your ECM system provide all the reports necessary to ensure compliance regulations are met?
  • Can users create ad hoc reports from within the ECM system?

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