Business Process Case Studies

VeBridge Case StudiesExceptional service is the cornerstone of our business. With more than 150 customers, Team VeBridge understands the value of a delighted customer and we work hard to make sure our customer’s expectations are exceeded. We would welcome the opportunity to add your organization to our family of satisfied customers. Read more about a few of our customers below by clicking on the customer name.

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

With many labor-intensive, paper-based human resources processes for essential functions, Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) was faced with challenges affecting their ability to reclassify and create new positions to support the changing nature of the business of Higher Education.

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Investors Heritage Life Insurance

The following is a case study of one of several process improvement initiatives implemented by Investors Heritage…

Automated Claims Processing Saves Time and Money in the Insurance Industry

In the highly competitive Life Insurance industry, efficiency and outstanding customer service are mandatory for growth and success.  It is difficult for insurance professionals to deliver the highest level of timely service when they rely on outdated legacy systems and manual-based insurance document management processes.   Automated claims processing is no longer a luxury, it’s a competitive requisite.

Claims Processing Improvement

Founded in 1960, Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company is licensed in 30 states and provides insurance and annuities to fund funeral services through funeral homes.  Investors Heritage recognized that their Claims Processing procedures are a key component to providing the high customer quality mandates of the organization.   Their prior claims process involved several manual steps where incoming claims were received via fax, email or mail, then printed out and filed in 1 of 5 color coded folders.  Next, the folders were passed to a benefit claims professional who verified the claim information in their legacy back end system and validated the submission with the IRS and Child Support websites.  Once all documentation was received and verified, the folder was sent to management to approve the payment.  If the claim was above a certain dollar amount, up to 3 levels of management could be required for approval, and the folder was sent to each manager for sign off.

Investor Heritage looked to VeBridge to implement an Automated Claims Processing Solution.  They wanted to streamline their existing process with automated workflow that enabled their benefit claims professionals with immediate access to the right documents.  Their goals were to provide visibility into claims status as claims moved through required processes, and to integrate with their legacy back end system.  The expected business benefit was that all claims would be managed in a consistent and controlled manner, allowing for processing time to be minimized and errors to be eliminated.

Better Information Enables Better Decision Making 

Leveraging OnBase, by Hyland Software, incoming claim data is now captured and imported directly into OnBase. Documents are grouped automatically into digital folders by claim and tracked by policy number, policyholder and company.   All documents are stored as their individual document types, which aids in recognizing which documents exist and which are missing.  Data is copied directly from the legacy system into OnBase eliminating a manual printing step.

Claims are then placed into a “pending” queue workflow. When additional documents are added to the claim, they are automatically added to the benefit claims professional’s queue and flagged as “available for review.”  Check approval is now completed through automated workflow, and no physical documents (folders) are passed around the office.  If additional levels of approval are required, email notification includes all supporting documentation needed for a quick approval.  The workflow provides the flexibility for management to determine who needs to be notified for approvals based upon availability.

According to Executive Vice President & COO Raymond Carr, “the paperless, automated workflow allows our Benefit Claims professionals to focus on providing efficient, high quality service to our customers.  In addition, digitizing our paper claim documents on the front-end of the process has reduced risk by enhancing our data security and improving our business continuity program.”

Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corperation

Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (RECC) is a small, tightly budgeted, customer-centric company located just west of the Appalachian Mountains in the rolling hills of northeastern Kentucky. With a membership of approximately 14,000 consumers and around 2,200 miles of primary lines, Grayson RECC service area covers a total of six (6) counties and spans approximately 60 miles from top to bottom. The system is a winter peaking system with 100.275 Megawatts of capacity from 11 substations. The substations are fed by East Kentucky Power Cooperative located in Winchester, Kentucky.

Grayson RECC required a comprehensive solution to address both storage and retrieval of business documents including easement files and board minutes. Additionally, through the use of Enterprise Report Management, spooled annual billing histories and service orders are taken directly from the computer and presented on template forms identical to the hardcopies. The main objective of the project was making record retrieval easier for employees, thus making them more efficient and effective in servicing Grayson’s membership.

Currently, business records are accessed via ImageSilo; however, Grayson RECC has the capability to expand this implementation to include additional business or customer records as needed. Images are scanned and reports are processed by VeBridge and pushed to a secure repository where they are viewable by Grayson RECC employees.

Grayson RECC has already witnessed a significant reduction in file location and pull time. Additionally, ImageSilo, which is fully regulatory compliant, provides record access auditing and reporting.

Don Combs, Manager of Finance and Administration, stated, “VeBridge worked to understand our way of doing business and helped us implement a customized solution that works for us now and will work for us in the future. We appreciated their flexible participation in the project – we were able to do what we could do and VeBridge took care of the rest. We are extremely satisfied with our implementation of this document management system and we liked VeBridge even more by the end of the project than we did when we first signed on.”

Baptist-Physicians’ Surgery Center

Baptist-Physicians’ Surgery Center (BPSC), LLC is located in Lexington, KY. Founded in 2002, the organization serves the community as a medical facility providing vast and varied patient care. Specialties represented at the center include gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, plastics, ophthalmology, pain management, and endoscopy. With 65 employees and thousands of patients and medical records, the organization required document management.

BPSC required a comprehensive solution to address both storage and retrieval of patient medical records. The main objective in the first phase of the project was to scan all patient records into a centralized repository to make record retrieval easier for employees.

Currently, medical records are accessed via ImageSilo; however, BPSC has the capability to expand this implementation to include everything from history forms, patient profiles, lab results, medical reports, financials, and more. Images are scanned by VeBridge and pushed to a secure repository where they are viewable by BPSC staff and physicians.

BPSC has already witnessed a significant reduction in file location and pull time.

Fully HIPAA compliant, ImageSilo functionality also provides record access auditing and reporting.

Robert Ramey, BPSC Administrator, stated, “The implementation of a document management solution has freed our employees to do what they do best – deal with patient care. We have reduced file tracking time to a minimum and are extremely satisfied with our implementation of this document management system.”

Kentucky American Water Company

Kentucky American Water Company has a history of offering the best customer service available. In our strategic plan throughout the late ‘90s, we had recognized that document imaging was a powerful enabling technology for customer service. The response time to customer inquiries could be significantly reduced if the source documents were at our customer service representatives’ fingertips. Although this was a technology that had a high priority, other information systems, including Y2K compliance, consumed our internal resources. Then we discovered VeBridge. They were able to deliver on our desired outcome without our having to take on the burden of investing in hardware, software and staff to do it ourselves. VeBridge began delivering historical and current work in digital format a few short weeks after getting started. And the best part was that there were no cash-intensive start-up fees. We just licensed the retrieval software and then started paying for work as it was completed. This was, and continues to be, quite painless. Through the years other departments have engaged VeBridge’s services so that they could capitalize on this great technology.