Power of Business Process

Business process is what your organization does every day to succeed

Creating new products and services, hiring great people, taking orders, delighting customers, getting paid, and paying others all require smooth and efficient transferring of information across bridges between people, process and technology.

VeBridge Business ProcessBusiness process IS your business. When those processes are inefficient, or broken, customers go elsewhere. Discounts disappear. Opportunities are missed. Profit is lost. Growth stalls.

What hidden productivity and profit pains does your organization face? Assess your organization vs. industry benchmarks:


  • According to a Paystream Advisors study, 84% of invoices enter processing in formats that include paper, fax and email attachments, which require manual conversion into ERP-formatted data. This can drive the cost of processing up to $20 per invoice vs. $4 in a fully automated environment.
  •  An employee makes a decision on whether to stay or leave an organization within the first six months of employment, yet few companies have a clear onboarding process supported by technology. Onboarding Benchmark Report, Aberdeen Group (PDF)
  • Bronson Healthcare Group cut pharmacy response time in half. Pharmacy order copies once sat for as long as 40 minutes. It now takes 12-15 minutes to scan them into the system.

The good news? Through enterprise content management and business process improvement solutions, these pains can be turned into profit quicker and less expensively than you may think.