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Paul Engel Named AIIM Chair Elect – Thank You!

Paul Engel, VeBridge CEO

A personal note from VeBridge CEO Paul Engel:

Thanks, all, for your well wishes. The AIIM board is made up of the most extraordinary array of technology people and information professionals to which I’ve ever been exposed. The meetings are high-energy and filled with intelligent and creative input. Participants have to really pay attention to keep up and participate. Since I’ve been on the Board, our Chairs have been John Chickering of Fidelity Investments and John Newton of Alfresco Software, Inc. They’ve provided stimulating leadership and held the board and the association to high standards. I’ll be serving as Vice Chair in 2014 with Tim Elmore, of Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit, serving as Chair. Tim is a strong leader and I feel we will make a great leadership team, along w/ Martyn Christian of Kofax as Treasurer and Tony Peleska of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency as at-large representative. I’ll be moving into the Chair in 2015, then Past-Chair in 2016 to wrap up my Board term.

AIIM’s primary near-term challenge is to take its membership, and any organization focused on streamlining their business processes and eliminating manual paper-based processes, from the era of Systems of Record to the era of Systems of Engagement. We must help our membership leverage mobile, cloud, social, big data, early digitization, process automation, governance and the consumerization of IT. It’s a wonderful challenge and I’m really enjoying playing a part in the transformation.

Feel free to check out the AIIM Website to learn more about, and keep abreast of, the contributors to this massive information inflection point!

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