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From Pain to Profit: A Business Process and Productivity Journey Begins

PaintoProfitCover - download freeOur team at VeBridge is excited to launch a new initiative to help organizations understand how daily productivity pains incurred by inefficient business processes secretly siphon profit away from their bottom line.

A recent Time magazine article examined how productivity gains have shrunk in the last few years compared to the leaps forward enjoyed during the initial Internet-fueled productivity wave. It seems that many “low-hanging fruit” productivity initiatives have dried up, and now it’s time to roll up the sleeves for the next wave of opportunities to streamline processes.

That’s what our Pain to Profit Initiative is all about. It’s a very personal mission lead by our CEO Paul Engel, who has been dedicated to empowering organizations to realize their full potential for his entire career. (Side note: We’re extremely excited that Paul has been named as Vice Chair and Chair-Elect for AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management).

So what does this Pain to Profit initiative from VeBridge entail?

  • The Pain to Profit White Paper – Available to you as a free download, this brand new treatise on the issues associated with business process productivity provides important insights you need to know before starting your own profit-growing journey.
  • The Pain to Profit Assessment – The VeBridge team, which is chock full of business process and enterprise content management (ECM) expertise, is available to review how your business operates and identify opportunities to streamline each step. Typically a department in your organization with high-value people doing low-value tasks is the best place to start. Reserve a free assessment for your organization.
  • Best-Practice Sharing – We are committing to share numerous best practice insights from our executives and project team members through a variety of “Executive Insight” micro-seminars. These video sessions of less than five minutes tee up great insights and address your questions about how to improve the bottom line in your organization through business process efficiency and effective content management. We’ll also be holding several webinars throughout the coming year and speaking at industry conferences (hopefully near you!).

You can also sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter  which will alert you of new Micro Seminars, blog posts, assessment tools and more useful resources.

It will be an interesting journey, and we hope we can help your organization along the way. We would love to hear your feedback on any aspect of this initiative, from our new web site to the white paper. Send us a note at or call us any time at 877.859.5222.

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