Manufacturing Solutions

VeBridge Manufacturing SolutionsManufacturing in the 21st century faces more challenges than ever. Operational and raw materials costs are on the rise and worldwide competition is growing. These challenges must be supported with a long-term strategy that solves department-specific problems across an organization. Manufacturers have implemented LEAN manufacturing solutions to reduce costs, and are just beginning to understand the notion of LEAN in the back-office.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) technology works companywide, from accounting to shipping and receiving. Invoices and payments are processed more quickly, disputes are settle more rapidly with easier access to shipping documents, DSO is reduced and executives get a more accurate picture of cash flow.

ECM/BPM solutions help HR employees work more effectively by giving them quicker and easier access to employee records on issues from onboarding to policy education to promotions. It also ensures a safer work environment by enhancing compliance procedures, drives operations forward by putting drawings and documents within easy reach, and communicates changes more effectively so that products get to market faster. It also ensures that there is a single source of the truth when vital documentation is being depended upon for high-quality delivery.

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