Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions: Connect patients, clinicians, clinical support staff, data and ancillary services to operate more profitability.

VeBridge HealthcareThe health care industry is one in which the right solution can connect patients, clinicians, clinical support staff, data and ancillary services. It allows doctors to spend more time with their patients, supplements medical records with various data sources in one centralized location and reduces the revenue cycle so that hospitals can operate more profitably.

The right ECM/BPM solution can connect data, photos, labs, videos and clinical images to a fully unified EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Now, rather than spending time hunting down information, doctors can make lifesaving decisions more quickly.

Industry Insight: EHR Without ECM? Pointless

VeBridge can also build solutions to help prevent unauthorized information access, ensure HIPAA compliance, and support the accuracy and efficiency of departments that don’t encounter patients on a daily basis but are nonetheless critical to the health care field, such as accounts payable and HR.

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