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We know your industry so we can apply best practices to exceed peer benchmarks; we know other industries so we can apply new innovations to your environment for competitive advantage.

Whether your organization is considered rapid-growth, mature or public sector, VeBridge brings a diverse point of view that is both broad and deep across several industries, including industry solutions for:

Approximately 80% of all American companies are mature businesses. They compete in industries characterized by saturated demand, oversupply and a reliance on cost cutting, all of which chip away at profits. When it comes to market share, these companies are in defense mode. Their profit formula will be applied to cost-saving strategies, operational efficiencies, mergers, acquisitions and consolidation.

Rapid-growth businesses employ between 20 and 500 workers and have experienced at least 50% year-over-year revenue growth for three consecutive years. In contrast to mature firms, these businesses are in an offensive position. They place a premium on developing progressive company cultures, responding nimbly to opportunities and applying repeatable processes that enable further growth. Their biggest challenges are managing cash flow as they grow, obtaining employee buy-in and making wise choices in strategic partners such as IT providers.

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