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Five Reasons Your Peeps May Need Professional ECM Help

As referenced in my earlier blog, “Everything You Wanted to Know About ECM, But Were Afraid to Ask” I want to expand on a couple of my colleague’s questions.  I found myself coming back to one in particular: “Why can’t my staff do the process redesign and optimization?” The following are the most compelling reasons your staff may need professional ECM support to realize game-changing results.

Five Reasons Your Peeps Need Professional Help

  • helpAll they know is what they know – Even the most engaged knowledge workers could be limited by their environment and experience. The more steeped in existing processes, the more difficult is it to rise above them and see them with new eyes. In many cases there is a pride of ownership in the complicated processes that have evolved to support organizational growth. There is a rhythm that becomes comfortable. And, often, the dependencies created between various technologies become seemingly unbreakable. (Anyone who has ever attempted to reverse engineer multi-sheet, hundreds of row supporting spreadsheets can speak to this point!)
  • “Complicated” is safe – I love mastering complicated stuff. Every time I solve a complicated process with an elegant solution I get a rush. Every time I complete a complicated process, I feel a sense of satisfaction. Sometimes I even find myself turning a process that could be simple into a complicated process so I can master it. I’m not alone. Our workforce is deep with my type!
  • Big change is intimidating – Continuous, incremental improvement can be satisfying. Simplifying complicated process by eliminating human touches and automating a high percentage of decision points can be intimidating. Resistance to change is a strong motivator. Without strong change management, there is often a sense of, “If it becomes that easy, will they still need me?”
  • Fear of the unknown – Faced with the prospect of overhauling business processes there is often an initial rush of excitement and enthusiasm, closely followed by the fear factor. Then come the doubts: “The job is getting done. It’s frustrating and consumes way too much time, but it’s getting done.”  “What if the proposed transformation fails?” “We are going to invest a lot of time, and probably fall behind in our work.”  “If, instead of getting easier, our jobs get harder, we’ll have a real mess on our hands.” “Let’s just take baby steps. The current process really isn’t that bad!” Two years later the same complicated, expensive, error-prone processes prevail.
  • Little or no exposure to tools – Although it’s last on this list, it is one of the most important reason teams are not well equipped to create real process transformation without professional help. If they are not aware of tools available to streamline and automate processes, they will be unable to think out of the box. Once they master the tools, usually on a pilot project, they begin to see all the possibilities.

Asking your staff to simplify and streamline the complicated processes that have evolved over time is natural. We know they are smart and motivated. But, the obstacles to success can lower the rate of success substantially.

Give your team some professional support for a project or two so they can become armed with the tools and knowledge to leverage the experience throughout the organization.   At VeBridge, we can provide the support you need to overcome these obstacles.  Ask us about our free business process roadmap assessment.


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