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The Difference Between an ECM Do-It-Yourselfer and a Pro

ECM professionalIn my two earlier blogs, “Everything You Wanted to Know About ECM, But Were Afraid to Ask”, and “Five Reasons Your Peeps May Need Professional ECM Help”, I provided my insight and response to the question “Why can’t my staff do the process redesign and optimization for an ECM project?” My initial response was, “Because that’s not what they are good at! They’re pros at their job not simplifying it.”

As I thought more about the question, I was reminded of one of my dad’s greatest lessons to me. My dad was the smartest guy I have ever known. He was a rocket scientist. Not figuratively, literally. He was also an accomplished handyman and carpenter. He enjoyed having me shadow him around the house while he tinkered and shared tricks, techniques and his vast knowledge of all things.

We were working on a carpentry project. We needed to fasten two boards together so they would support significant weight and vibration without separating. I reached for a hammer. My dad stopped me and said, “It’s time you learned about fasteners!” Off we went to our local hardware store. (This was before big-box stores came on the scene. It was a mom-and-pop shop staffed by highly experienced handymen.) We started in the nail department. There were dozens of varieties. My dad did his best to explain the differences, uses and applications of the major variants. Then we turned to the screw section. He talked to me about all the different designs, purposes and variety of ways you could use a drill to accomplish different fastening challenges. (You wouldn’t believe how many variations there are!) I was fascinated.

At one point I discovered a screw without an intuitive purpose. I asked my dad what it was designed for. His response shocked me. He said, “I don’t know!” I didn’t expect that from the guy who knew everything…especially pertaining to something as seemingly simple as a screw. I said, “Wow, dad, if you don’t know, who does?” His response stays with me today. He responded, “Let’s go ask the professional.”

We tracked down a clerk and asked. He patiently explained the purpose for which the hybrid was designed. He went on to give us examples of other projects to which the unique fastener could be applied. My dad recounted several instances where this design would have been a much more elegant solution, and, in one case, avoided a repair failure.

The most important lesson I learned from that visit to the hardware store had little to do with hardware. What I learned was that no matter how smart or motivate you are, you are often better served engaging an expert, a pro, to learn the right tools for the job and their correct use and application.

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