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Although VeBridge serves clients around the country and in neighboring states such as Indiana, Tennessee and West Virginia, like most teams we’re proud of our home city of Lexington and our home state of Kentucky. As proud Kentuckians, we want our local businesses to compete and thrive in the global marketplace. That’s one reason we’re […]

A colleague sent me an email after reading my Pain to Profit white paper. The first line was very satisfying. He said: “I read through your white paper and it made me want to flowchart and optimize my office operations.” He followed up with the following questions: I assume ECM is your software package? What […]

Last but certainly not least, my final two recommendations for Information Professional Imperatives in 2014 (See Part I and Part II): Imperative #5 – Commit to the cloud:  Break down monolithic “enterprise” solutions into more “app like” solutions that can be deployed quickly independent of platform and in the cloud. The spread of consumer technologies […]

For Information Professionals, 2014 is the year of balance… maintaining the balance between Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement.  Geoffrey Moore introduced the division of information management and collaboration into Systems of Records (traditional transactional business data) and Systems of Engagement (unstructured collaborative information). Information professionals are trying to figure out the best way […]

At VeBridge, we work with many clients to help them improve their manual document-driven business processes.  Our clients expect an outcome of operational efficiency and lower cost. They are confident they can eliminate their compliance risk and improve customer service with process improvement initiatives, but what about employee satisfaction and retention? Are your chaotic business […]

A personal note from VeBridge CEO Paul Engel: Thanks, all, for your well wishes. The AIIM board is made up of the most extraordinary array of technology people and information professionals to which I’ve ever been exposed. The meetings are high-energy and filled with intelligent and creative input. Participants have to really pay attention to […]